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VIRTUE hardware Co., Ltd,  is one of good manufacturer for funeral items in China. We are specialized in coffin handle, crucifix, casket corner, screw, funeral hardware, casket accessories and so on.

Till 2015's,  We have hundreds of moulds for die casting, injection machine and stamped machine. 
1, Metal handle: 41 designs
2, Metal cross and crucifix: 10 designs
3, Metal fitting and hardware: 46 designs
4, Plastic handle: 22 designs
5, Plastic decoration: 50 designs
6, Casket corner and swing bar: 40 designs
Others item such as urn, lower device and so on.
The goods exported to Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Austrialia, Poland, Italy, Chile, Angola, America and so on.

We start from 2007’s, and there was ten different mould as per custom desgin. And in 2008’s, we investment the new mould for plastic handle.
2010-2014, we exhibit to the funeral fail in Hongkong and Macco.
From 2016, we have establish an new plant at Wenzhou, which specialized in zamak products items.

Zamak produce process
1. Die Casting
2. Polish
3. Electronic plating
4. Assemble and packing
5. Quality Control

Steel produce process
1. Cutting to slice
2. Stamped
3. Polish
4. Electronic Plating
5. Assemble and Packing
6. Qulity Control
7. Zamak raw material
Die Casting 


a. Vibrating and polish
 b. Hand polish
Electronic Plating
Assemble and packing
Lift weight testing